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Dear Claver Families,

Welcome back to the new school year. I particularly welcome all of our new families to Claver – including our new Year 8 students and families and students and families who join us for the first time in the other year levels. You are coming to a vibrant, committed and loving community and we are delighted to welcome into the Claver family.

Last year our region was in the grip of a catastrophic flood and one year on it still seems like yesterday. Looking forward I have a sense that 2012 will be a watershed year for Claver in a different way and while the events of the past cannot be forgotten we know that the future brings new hopes and opportunities.

At our opening assembly I asked students to consider the importance of one of the five keys to success which is ORGANISATION. The image I used to help explain ‘organisation’ was an image of five rocks balanced on one another from the biggest to the smallest. Students were asked to consider the importance of getting the rocks in the right order to create balance in their lives. The big rock at the bottom is therefore the most important. So what does this big rock represent I suggested that it represented four basic but essential habits that if prioritised will enable students to accomplish their goals successfully. These are:

  • Plenty of sleep
  • Proper diet
  • Play and be active
  • Pray

These are the essential ‘big rock’ habits that I believe will help students to be more organised and lead to success. I encourage parents and carers to support their children in making sure that these habits are given priority in family life.

This year we warmly welcome fourteen new staff members to the Claver family.

  •  Louise Dowling-Manns Inclusive Education Coordinator
  • Greg Farrell RE, SOSE and HPE Teacher
  • Deborah Ford replacing Elaine Athorn who is on LSL from Jan 23 – Feb 17
  • Sarah Guymer Art Teacher
  • Natalia Hill Film and New TV, SOSE and English Teacher
  • Hayley Jessup Chemistry, Mathematics and Science Teacher
  • Derek Kinchela Indigenous Liaison School Officer
  • Oliver Layton Inclusive Education School Officer
  • Joanne Lunney Student Secretary
  • Liam Lunney Inclusive Education School Officer
  • Debbie Northway Teacher Librarian
  • Natalie Palethorpe Inclusive Education School Officer
  • Angela Peacock Student Data School Officer
  • Warwick Roberts Industrial Technology & Design School Officer

It is also great to welcome back Charlie Scott and Brad Jarro who return to Claver after twelve months leave. There are a number of leadership appointments that are new for 2012 resulting from staff leaving last year and over the Christmas break. The most recent staffing change was the resignation of Majella Thompson who decided to return to managing her coffee shop business in the Sunshine Coast. We wish Majella well and thank her for her contribution to Claver in the short time that she was with us.

  •   Karen Daly Home Economic & Hospitality Coordinator
  • Bronwyn Priestly Year 8 Coordinator
  • Kristle Freriechs Music/Sound & Lighting Coordinator
  • Jason Nash Drama/Film and Media Studies Coordinator
  • Michaela Smerdon Visual Arts Coordinator
  • Brad Jarro Xavier House Coordinator (Weeks 1 – 4)
  • Charlie Scott Personal and Social Development Coordinator
  • Angela Ryan Student Leadership Coordinator

Once again our 2011 Year 12 graduates earned pleasing results. It was our highest Year 12 enrolment with approximately 88% receiving a QCE and 89% gaining a VET qualification. It was also our largest group of OP students for many years with 75% receiving 1 – 15 which will have the College ranked highly in our region. The breakdown shows that 14.2% received 1-5, 22.4% 6-10 and 38.7% 11-15. Congratulations to Loretta Benson and Andrew Learmonth who were our highest ranked students gaining an OP2 and OP3 respectively. These results reaffirm the College’s commitment to truly strive to be a place of educational excellence where there are genuine opportunities for all of our students to succeed. While we rightly celebrate the achievements of our graduating class of 2011 we do so with a determination to uphold and build upon the high standards that we have set for the benefit of the students that will be in our care in 2012 and beyond.

2012 will be a year when new initiatives and programs will be launched. Some of these include:

  •  Use of our fabulous new Library
  • Construction of a Trade Training Centre in Construction including additional resourcing in Hospitality – Yes, we have the Federal Minister’s approval.
  • Relocation of Grounds and Maintenance facilities to lower oval.
  • Internal refurbishment of tuckshop
  • Block Grant Application for Visual Arts
  • Roll out of laptops to all Year 8 – 12 students
  • Piloting REMAR – a Marist based youth spiritual and faith formation program.
  • Further phasing in of the Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography.
  • Review year for all of our Coordinators
  • Preparing for the move of Year 7 to Secondary
  • Year 5 of the Internal Review process.

This year we will be reviewing the following areas of College life. As in previous years parents and carers will have an opportunity to give feedback to the College via our College Board, the Parents & Friends Association and our annual survey. The voice of our families is essential as we seek to grow and renew in the fulfilment of our Archdiocesan vision to bring Jesus, Communion and Mission to our world.



Religious and Evangelising Mission

1.2 Evangelisation and Faith Formation

Student Learning Outcomes

2.2 Curriculum

Staff Support

4.1 Professional Learning Community

Partnerships and Relationships

5.2 Partnerships

Information, Communication and Learning Technologies

6.2 Leadership and Management


May we continue to be a community that genuinely strives to live our motto of Concern, Love and Justice.

Yours sincerely

Diarmuid O’Riordan