Vocational Education and Training

​​St Peter Claver College Vocational Education and Training

St Peter Claver College is leading the way in the provision of vocational pathways for students. Each student enrolled at S​t Peter Claver College has the opportunity to combine school study with study at tertiary institutions as well as some form of work.

Currently across the year ​​11 and 12 student population in excess of 140 students attend Structured Work Placement each week. Several students are currently employed as School-based Trainees or School-based Apprentices.

Vocational ​Education and Training at St Peter Claver College

At St Peter ​​Claver College students are offered a range of vocational education opportunities. On completion of the competencies within these course offerings students are awarded either a Certificate I, II or III. The Certificate level qualifications issued at St Peter Claver are nationally recognised qualifications, and count as credit for further TAFE and University study.

Current Vocational Ed​​ucation and Training offerings are:

  • Certificate I in Information Technology
  • Certificate II in Information Technology
  • Certificate II in Business
  • Certificate II in Workplace Practices
  • Certificate I in Furnishing
  • Certificate I in Engineering
  • Certificate I in Manufacturing (Pathways)
  • Certificate I in Hospitality (Operations)
  • Certificate II in Hospitality (Operations)
  • Certificate I in ElectroComms Skills
  • Certificate II in Tourism
  • Certificate III in Children’s Services (RTO: MOM Training College)

In addition to the​​​ Colleges offerings as an RTO, the College facilitates students training in other vocational areas through The Bremer Institute of TAFE and other private RTO’s.

Structured W​ork Placement

Each week at St Peter Claver College over 100 students attend Structured Work Placement. These students are plac​ed in a range of businesses covering all occupations and industries, in the Ipswich and Brisbane area.

The Students attend the workplace during the normal hours of operation and work along side the other empl​oyees. Students are able to gain a wealth of knowledge in a variety of fields which assists them in choosing the correct pathway to follow after school.

St Peter Claver College has enjoyed remarkable success with this program with many students gaining some type of ​​paid employment as a direct result of their participation in the Structured Work Placement Program.

School-b​​ased Traineeships and Apprenticeships

At St Peter Claver Colleg​e it is recognised that every student is an individual with individual educational needs. It is for this reason that the introduction of a flexible timetabling arrangement occurred in order to provide school-based traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities to students. There are currently two structures of school-based traineeships and apprenticeships operating at St Peter Claver College. Most commonly the students attend school four days a week and then their paid traineeship or apprenticeship one day a week, with block training provided throughout the year.

Each individual traineeship or appre​nticeship is tailored to meet the needs of the student.