Year 8

26__MG_9393.JPGYear 8 students spend most of their first year in a set transition program designed to introduce them to secondary scho​oling as well as to the eight Key Learning Areas. Students are assisted in feeling at home in the College through Home Class activities as well as by remaining with the same classmates. 

This settled atmosphere combined with a Personal and Social Development Program, assists students to make friends and learn the routines of secondary schooling. In Semester Two, students continue much of the set program but may make a couple of subject choices. Religious Education is studied in both semesters. The Year 8 Curriculum is based on Middle Schooling Principles emphasising

  • Supportive relationships - students usual have only five teachers at any time
  • Learner-centred experiences
  • Collaboratively organised curriculum
  • Flexibility
  • Connectedness​

Yea​r 8 in 2012

Semes​ter 1

  • ​C​onnected Studies - an integrated course based on English & History based on the Australian Curriculum
  • Mathemati​​cs - based on the Australian Curriculum
  • Scien​ce - based on the Australian Curriculum
  • Religi​​ous Education - based on Brisbane Catholic Education Guidelines
  • Health and Phy​​sical Education and Personal & Social Development Education - from QSA ​Curriculum
  • Technology - a rotation of Robotics, Industrial Design, Textile Technology and Food Design and Technolog​y
  • The A​rts - a rotation of Drama, Multimedia, Music and Visual Art
  • Spo​​rt

Seme​​ster 2

Students se​lect between Health and Physical Education and Japanese. Student may still select extra HPE in Year 9


At Claver, we try to maintain a balance in homework expectations. We set homework on a weekly basis in Connected Studies, Maths and Science thus enabling students in consultation with parents to balance their activities across week to ensure that this regular moderate quantity of homework is completed. This practice develops a habit of doing some academic work at home and assists students to improve their achievement.