Year 9

​​The Year 9 Curriculum is designed to enable students to work confidently as individuals and in groups at le​vels that encourage continuous improvement. The wide choice of semester units enables students to improve their skills in interesting and challenging activities.

Year 9 ​Semesters 1 & 2

St Peter Claver student  

All students study Religious Education and Personal a​nd Social Development Education

  • English - The course is designed for the Australian Cu​rriculum. One class (Accelerated English) works at a faster pace to extend students with great strength in English. In other classes, students are divided into gender based classes to cater for particular interests.
  • Maths - Stude​nts work at level of success in levelled classes  - Extension Maths, Maths. The courses are designed from the Australian Curriculum
  • Science - a year lone course based on the Australian Curriculum
  • History - a one semester course based on the Australian curriculum

Students select 5 semester units from:

  • HPE - students select semester units based on the physical activities they enjoy such as Rugby League, Soccer, Netball, Dance, Life Sports and Court Sports
  • Japanese - two semester units which develop communication skills and cultural understanding
  • Technology - Students select from Web Design (IT), Movie Making (IT), Furnishing, Engineering (Metal), Robotics and Food and Textile Design
  • The Arts - Students select from Advanced Dance, Music for Fun, Advanced Music, Learning to Act in Groups, Aussie Drama, Functional Art and Drawing with Expression


At Claver, w​​e try to maintain a balance in homework expectations. We set homework on a weekly basis in English, Maths and Science or History, thus enabling students in consultation with parents to balance their activities across week to ensure that this regular moderate quantity of homework is completed. This practice develops a habit of doing some academic work at home and assists students to improve their achievement.​