Years 11 & 12


Students pursue pathways that prepare them for University or TAFE Courses, or Apprenticeships or employment. Students may enter Universities and TAFE Colleges by following either an OP Pathway or a QTAC Rank pathway. The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) converts all OPs into Rankings, which are used to gain entry into high demand courses at Universities and TAFE Colleges. Some students study one or two University Subjects during Year 12 and gain direct entry to that University.

An OP pathway involves studying at least five Authority Subjects and sitting the Queensland Core Skills Test to gain a Senior Certificate and Overall Position. Students may combine this pathway with VET studies, Structured Work Placements or Traineeships.

A QTAC Rank pathway involves gaining eligibility for a Ranking directly. Students in this pathway may also apply through QTAC for entry to University and TAFE courses. There are several ways of gaining a ranking directly. These include various combinations of semester units of Authority and Authority Regist​ered Subjects, VET Certificates as well as sitting the Queensland Core Skills Test.

Many students gain valuable industry experience through Structured Work Placements, Traineeships or School-based Apprenticeships. This involves students spending one to two days each week in the workforce and acts as a very valuable learning and maturing experience. The College Vocational & Careers Office arranges this industry experience. Staff assist students with resumés and job applications. Some students do not pursue tertiary study immediately on leaving school and instead use their industry experience to gain employment. Their OP or QTAC Rank may be used for Tertiary Entrance in future years and upgraded through further work-based VET.

Senior Subject Options – (actual choices differ from year to year)

Authority Subjects

English, Mathematics A, Mathematics B, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Modern History, Ancient History, Geography, Business Communication & Technology, Accounting, Information Technology Systems, Dance, Drama, Film Television & New Media, Music, Visual Art, Mathematics C, Physical Education, Japanese,

Authority Registered Subjects

Religion and Ethics (compulsory), English Communication, Pre-Vocational Mathematics, Furnishing Studies, Dance Studies, Visual Art Studies, Recreation, Recreation (Rugby League), Social & Community Studies

Stand Alone VET Subjects

Certificate 2 in Information Technology, Certificate 3 in Children’s’ Services (Child Care), Certificates 1 & 2 in Hospitality, Certificate 1 in Electrocomm Skills, Certificate 2 in Business, Certificates 1 in Engineering, Certificate 1 in Furnishing

TAFE Options

Students also have the opportunity to selection options from The Bremer TAFE Schools program.