Pastoral Care


​​Student well-being is the highest priority for Pastoral Care at St Peter Claver College. Students experience quality pastoral care when they feel connected to the College through the Mission of the Chu​​rch. Pastoral Care is supported by a vertical Home Class system that is organised through the Middle and Senior Schooling phases. Home Classes are organised into four houses, with significant Catholic patrons defining House charisms. The foundations for quality pastoral care at the College are defined through the four stewardship areas of: Mission, Leadership, Well-being and Identity. Expressions of pastoral care are evident through Home Class activities, social justice initiatives, student leadership, retreat and camp experiences and significant Catholic Feast Day celebrations. 


The stewar​​dship area of Identity prioritises inclusiveness, with a particular focus on students and their families. Our goal is to provide support for students and their families in exploring and developing their identity. St Peter Claver College is a culturally diverse community and as such we see it is important to celebrate this diversity at major College events. The Harmony Day celebrations, social gatherings, dances and worship are some of the initiatives associated with this distributive responsibility. 

Student ​​Well-being 

The stewardship area of Student Well-Being prioritises the notion that quality pastoral care is defined through the clas​​sroom. The influence of ‘Well-Being’ promotes the assumption that every teacher is involved with the whole development of the students. This responsibility includes: Personal and Social Development; Implementation and leadership of the ‘You Can Do It’ program; and promoting programs of pro-active pastoral care.   


Being a Catholic School, the stewardship area of Mission is integral to life at the College. Mission promotes pr​ayer, social justice, retreat experiences, Mass and other events as central to Pastoral Care. Mission is highly valued at St Peter Claver College due to the opportunities it provides for students to involve themselves in social justice programs, as well as gaining a greater understanding of their own spirituality. 

Student Leade​rship 

Forma​tion and development of student leaders is a significant part of the Pastoral Care program at St Peter Claver College. A culture that nurtures and enables leadership capacities in all students is inspired by St Marcellin Champagnat who led with strength and gentleness and St Peter Claver who was heroic in his leadership. The values of concern, love and justice drive the activity of our student leaders who are energetic and innovative.​