ANZAC Day Service

​​​​On Tuesday 24 April 2018 , students from St Peter Claver College were invited to perform in the ANZAC Day Service hosted by St Mary's College. The students proudly represented their school and their heritage by performing the Haka and a Maori dance. Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought in World War I were honoured and remembered as the students led St Mary's in singing the New Zealand National Anthem.

The service marked the centenary of ANZAC Day and paid respect to Australian and New Zealand servicemen and women who fought during World War I. Particular mention was made of Captain Pirimi Tahiwi, a New Zealand soldier who, before enlisting, was a teacher and Rugby Union player. Captain Tahiwi led a company in the battle of Sari Bair and led the men in the famous Te Rauparaha's haka. Captain Tahiwi was wounded during the attack but rejoined his unit upon release from hospital. In 1965, Captain Tahiwi travelled back to Gallipoli for the 50th anniversary commemoration (being the sole surviving officer of the Maori contingent) and there he laid a mere, a revered Maori weapon, at the memorial in honour of those who fought and those who died during that fateful campaign.

Mr Eneli Pakau, Community Advocate and Teacher at St Peter Claver College, said how wonderful it was for the students to be invited to participate in the service and celebrate Maori culture. “The service was the first time our students had ever performed all Maori performances in a school performance," Mr Pakau said, “and for some it was their first time of ever performing the Haka." A diversity of cultures was represented by the students who participated, a value which is prominent in the St Peter Claver Mission for 2018 to Awaken Joy, Embrace Change and Celebrate Diversity.​

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