Artwork captures essence of College

​​The Tipuana tipu tree – it stands tall and strong in the College grounds, between the Music Room and Art Block.

Now, an artistic impression of the flight path of a falling seed of the same tree – called Take Flight – stands proudly at the front of the College. It’s silver colouring contrasting against the darker exterior of the Champagnat Building.

St Peter Claver College Principal Terry Finan said it was an artwork of great meaning built to stand the test of time.

“All artworks have a story to tell and great artworks, like this one, have many layers of meaning,” he said.

“We’ve gone to nature and chosen a particular tree within the College grounds – the Tipuana tipu tree – to draw inspiration from.

“As the tree, the College prepares its students, the seeds, through education and values for success before setting them out into the world.

“Each seed or blade in the artwork has a pattern representing the College community and the support that we offer to one another.”

Local sculptor Jaco Roeloffs said this particular concept was meant to be.

“The idea came to me the evening before I was due to present some concepts to the College and in the end it was the winning design,” he said.

“Everyone felt the design perfectly communicated the College’s values and purpose which was the goal.

Mr Roeloffs also said that sculptures like this one rely as much on their technical elements as they do on their design and story.

“A lot of engineering went into the production of the blades, as well as making sure the finished product was structurally sound.”

Take Flight stands more than five meters tall, and took three months to create and approximately eight hours to assemble.

Watch a video about Take Flight here.