Goodna Neighbourhood House

Goodna Neighbourhood House.JPGRecently a lovely connection was made between the Claver Community and the Goodna Neighbourhood House when they were presented with Sewing and Language packs put together by the Claver community. Our students were fantastic ambassadors and were privileged to hear the stores shared by Rebecca, Sarah, Moses, Luck, Andrea, Stephen and Lyn.
The women in the photos are wearing beautiful outfits they made in their sewing club. Rebecca and Sarah have been taught to sew by Lyn who runs the sewing classes. They were really excited and grateful for the sewing packs and the fabric. All of them have come from refugee backgrounds and now call Australia home.
Andrea talked to us about the importance of their children learning their mother tongue. He said that there are many languages spoken in Africa. In the small group gathered, four different languages were spoken.  The language packs contained paper, small whiteboards, Uno card, pens, pencils etc. We hope to be able to purchase some specific language texts for the Neighbourhood House who are trying to source these from Melbourne.  They are also very keen for us to join them at one of their gatherings soon.
Immy spoke eloquently about her development of the African Dance Group and our community here at Claver. She really is an amazing young woman. Georgie Dunn also spoke really well about the Claver Social Justice Group and presented the packages in the most gracious way.
Thank you to all Home Class teachers and Home Classes who supported this initiative. Big thank you must go to the Social Justice Team who originally pitched the idea and secured the funding. Thanks to our USQ partners (Tania and Bea). They have been lovely to work with.