Math Club

​We aim to support all students at Maths Club by creating an environment which is inclusive, friendly, that enables each student to develop their Maths skills with support from peers and teachers. It is a place to work with friends on assignments, homework and solve problems.

When:  Monday and Wednesday
Time : 2nd Break
Where: J6
Who : Everyone Welcome

The fabulous Year 12 Maths Captains and Ms Pham. -  these delightful 
people are ready to help all students every week.

My story – Declan Arnold    Year 12 Maths Captain
It wasn’t until high school that I became interested in math and my want to succeed in the subject. The reason for this is because I believe that St Peter Claver College has a great environment which encourages learning which helped me apply myself. In grade 9 I tore my ACL and with all the spare time on my hands, I chose to dedicate that to studying math and I found satisfaction in finding the answer and discussing problems with classmates. When the opportunity arose for math captain, I made sure that I put myself forward for it as I remember myself years before the things that helped me become interested in mathematics. In doing so I hope to create the same environment that I was given in grade 9. ​
Some thoughts from Lily and Huan
 “Huan and I are both the math captains of grade 11 for 2019. As part of the responsibilities of being the maths captains, we attend math club every Monday and Wednesday at second break. At first, we were both wary and nervous of coming to maths club as we were afraid of being ridiculed by others. However, as time has gone on, our experience with the teachers and other students have lit our burning passion for maths and assisting others. If we ever needed assistance there was always someone there to help, if it was homework, an assignment or just a challenge, there were the year 12 captains ready to help. So, don’t be afraid to come to Maths club for help, we are always here and will always be there for you no matter the difficulty.”

The energetic year 11 Mathematics Captains – keen and supportive to all.