Mental Wellbeing a Priority

Mental health and wellbeing have been at the forefront of Ricco Vaoa-Webster's mind since he was elected to the role of 2023 Social Justice Captain at the end of last year.

“I believe mental health is such an important area for young people to be aware of, so I decided to make it my goal as the 2023 Social Justice Captain to advocate for Mental Wellbeing," said Ricco.

Along with friend, classmate and fellow Student Leader Louise Hinds, the two have set out to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing.

“I joined Ricco on this mission because I too am passionate about mental health awareness, mainly because it is a growing issue for teenagers like us," said Louise.

With the help of Guidance Counsellor Michelle Sams and several student artists Ricco and Louise launched their Mental Wellbeing Initiative (MWI) to the Claver Community at a College Assembly on Wednesday 17 May 2023.

Posters will be the cornerstone of awareness raising for the MWI. These posters have been created using the artworks of Claver students.

“The posters will touch on different issues and provide information on places to seek help; as well as make it clear that you aren't alone and it's okay to ask for help," said Ricco.

“They will also help promote key dates such as World Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Day on Tuesday 23 May 2023 and Mental Health Week in October."

The ever-evolving MWI has the primary focus of 'Accentuate, Communicate and Educate'.

  • Accentuate the importance of mental illness equity and equality, as well as keeping a healthy mental state.
  • Communicate with each other as a community (peer to peer, student to teacher), asking for any help needed.
  • Educate students and teachers on current issues, research and trends regarding mental health.

Special guest, former SPCC Principal and Deputy Director of Brisbane Catholic Education Mr Diarmuid O'Riordan also addressed the Assembly with his take home message being: Helping others helps us lift ourselves up.

“As long as Claver continues to nurture it's heart and it's community the mental health and wellbeing of students will always be a priority and that is a great thing to have," said Mr O'Riordan.​