Welcome to 2023 and our new Principal

As a new year at Claver starts, it not only brings with it anticipation for things to come, excitement for new prospects, and the exhilaration of new experiences, but it also brings many new faces to the College.

The fresh faces of our eager Year 7s (the Graduating class of 2028) who were welcomed on Tuesday with a Guard of Honour by our Senior students before attending their first Year Level Assembly.

Our new students in Years 8-12, all ready to make their mark, leave a lasting legacy at Claver and achieve their individual goals.

Our new and motivated teachers and College staff all looking to embrace the College's motto of Concern, Love and Justice and become part of the Claver community.

One new face that is “very excited and very humbled" to be the new Principal at St Peter Claver College is Mr Bruce McPhee.

Mr McPhee joins Claver from Marist College Ashgrove, has been a teacher since 1997 and has a background in teaching Drama, English and Religious Education.

“When researching Claver ahead of applying for this Principalship, the most overwhelming feedback I received was that the community here is brimming with concern, emanates love and always seeks justice," said Mr McPhee at the first all College Assembly.

“I'm looking forward to getting to know the diverse Claver community, finding out the strengths and talents of our students and their families, and helping our teachers to support our students in reaching their capabilities in the classroom and beyond."​