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Through St Peter Claver College’s tailored academic programs, broad curriculum, individualised learning and our motivational approach, we want to ensure our students are prepared for their future, whatever that might be.

We understand that one of your greatest concerns is how you are going to prepare your child for a fulfilling and successful future. With so many jobs not created yet, the opportunities ahead of modern day students are endless. St Peter Claver College's academic offering appeals to the full spectrum of learner types and places a high value on making high quality education accessible to all families in the community.

St Peter Claver College has consistently demonstrated growth in NAPLAN scores. Comparing students' Year 7 results to their Year 9 results we see a huge improvement. Our recent Senior academic results are evidence that Claver students can excel and reach the highest possible standards. Outside the classroom, our College provides a broad range of cultural and sporting opportunities and Identity and Mission Outreach experiences.

Our students are encouraged to involve themselves in social justice programs and I believe this is important, as it supports the strengthening of resilience and a greater understanding of their own spirituality in a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment. The establishment of a vertical House pastoral structure, an emphasis on grounds beautification programs, a College-sponsored bus service, the implementation of ‘The Responsible Thinking Process’, a multi-stage building program and the development of a dynamic curriculum have been significant influences in shaping Claver as a progressive school of the future.

St Peter Claver College is a friendly and welcoming community – a community of Hope, of Love, of Justice and of Acceptance of everyone and their individual differences. I am proud to lead this wonderful educational community and I look forward to welcoming you to the Claver community.

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