​Learning at St Peter Claver College

St Peter Claver College and all its staff uphold a vision to Teach, Challenge and Transform. Learning is founded on close, respectful, trusting relationships between teachers and students, as well as with parents and carers.

We deliver a quality, rich and diverse education allowing students to succeed academically while also pursuing special interest subjects, co-curricular passions and future career pathways.

This rich and well-rounded approach to learning means our students continue to achieve high academic standards, enabling them to successfully pursue their choice of university studies, other tertiary studies, vocational training or work.

Proven Academic Track Record

Over the past five years we have consistently demonstrated growth in NAPLAN scores when comparing students when they were in Year 7 to when they were in Year 9. On average, between 40-50% of our Year 12 students move into tertiary pathways upon graduation and the other 50% graduate with Vocational Education and Training certificates and move directly into the workforce.

Hardworking, Highly Motivated and Professional Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff are students at heart, they are the high achievers, the go getters, the ones that genuinely want to spend the time getting to know each student and going the extra mile just to ensure they reach their full potential.

Our Curriculum

The St Peter Claver College curriculum offers a rich tapestry of learning experiences appropriate to the age and development of students, with a range of subjects available to meet individual student needs.

In order to meet these needs our curriculum is organised into two phases: 

  • ​​Middle Years for Years 7 – 9.​
  • ​Senior Years for Years 10 – 12.

A strong emphasis is placed on literacy and numeracy development as well as ensuring students have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in life after high school.

Our curriculum is guided by:

  • The Australian Curriculum (Years 7 – 10).
  • Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority's QCE System (Years 11 – 12).
  • Brisbane Catholic Education's Religious Education Syllabus.
  • Brisbane Catholic Education's Learning and Teaching Framework.

Our Pedagogical Pillars

St Peter Claver College's professional and dedicated team of teaching staff's approach to teaching and learning is guided by our five pedagogical pillars – each backed by educational research and proven to play an important role in student achievement and success.

Our pedagogical pillars are:

  • FOCUS on learners and their learning.
  • ESTABLISH clear learning intentions and success criteria.
  • ACTIVATE multiple ways of knowing and multiple opportunities for practice.
  • RESPOND with feedback that moves learning forward.
  • EVALUATE the effect of teaching on student achievement and success.

Our teachers are passionate, supportive and maintain high expectations, challenging our students to do their best in all things.​

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