Defence School Mentor Program

St Peter Claver College is passionate about supporting our Australian Defence Force (ADF) families and proudly participates in the Defence School Mentor (DSM) Program.

Our Defence School Mentor understands the issues ADF students and their families face and uses skills, knowledge and experience to help them feel welcome and identify support needs during their time at our College.

How does the Defence School Mentor support families?

  • Enhances awareness and understanding of the unique lifestyle of Defence students and families.
  • Uses personal experience to show an understanding of​ frequent moves, periods of separation, isolation from extended family and deployments.
  • Assists the College to find innovative ways to support students and families.
  • Establishes a relationship and continues as an ongoing point of contact between home and school.
  • Liaises with teachers and staff to provide feedback to parents/caregivers when new students are settling in.
  • Shares resources, support networks and local events available to ADF families.
  • Develops positive relationships between families and educators.
  • Keeps families informed.

For more information about the Defence School Mentor Program, please click here for the current brochure.