Principal's Welcome

​​​​​​"Whatever your future holds ​… Know you can."

​We know our students can and will achieve great things.

Through St Peter Claver College's tailored academic programs, broad curriculum, individualised learning and our motivational approach, we want to ensure our students are prepared for their future. Whatever that might be.

We understand that one of your greatest concerns as a parent is how you are going to prepare your child for a fulfilling and successful future. The opportunities ahead of our students are endless and we prepare them with the skills and attitudes for success, knowing that many jobs have not even been created yet.

We place value on high quality education and provide academic programs that cater to all learner types. We also offer a broad range of sporting and cultural co-curricular activities, and Identity and Mission Outreach opportunities. We actively encourage students to work hard, engage in College life, get involved in social justice programs and pursue their co-curricular passions.

This holistic approach to learning is important as it offers students a well-rounded education, strengthens resilience, fosters self-confidence and social-awareness, and provides a greater understanding of spirituality and faith in a safe and inclusive environment.

Our professional and dedicated team of teachers, coaches, mentors and staff will be here every day as educators and supporters of your child. We will celebrate their gifts and talents and help pick them back up should they fall. We will help them reach their goals and become the best possible versions of themselves.

It's our strong sense of community that sets St Peter Claver College apart from oth​er schools. A welcoming community of concern, love, justice, hope, inspiration, and acceptance of everyone and their individual differences.

Our College is a place for students to learn, achieve, grow and foster their passions. I am proud to lead such an incredible community and I look forward to welcoming you to the Claver family.

Terry Finan


Know you can follow your passions. Know you can be part of a welcoming community. Know you can be you. And, know you can do it all at Claver.