Pastoral Care

At St Peter Claver College ensuring the well-being of our students is of the utmost importance to us. We know that no two students are the same and that they all have their own personalities and individual needs. That is why we have a caring and committed team of Pastoral Care Leaders who are dedicated to ensuring all students feel supported, connected and included.

Our Assistant Principal Pastoral Care leads a team of six Pastoral Care Leaders (one for each year level) who are an advocate for their students in issues around behaviour and wellbeing. This team is supported by Home Class teachers who are the first port of call for day to day issues and information.

Home Class

Home classes at St Peter Claver College are organised vertically with students represented from each year level.  These classes are also organised by House.  This allows students to form relationships across year levels and provides opportunities for the older students to show leadership through mentoring others.  Home Class occurs every morning (except Wednesday when Assemblies are held instead) and each term there is at least one extended Home Class to further build relationships within the class.​


The foundations of quality pastoral care at the College are defined through our College motto of Concern, Love and Justice.  Pastoral care at St Peter Claver College is holistic and is shown through the engagement of students with Home Class activities, Year Level Assemblies, personal development classes, Retreat Days, Camps, social justice initiatives​ and significant Catholic Feast Day celebrations.

The Pastoral Care Program is also based upon our Behaviour Management System of the Responsible Thinking Process which is based on Perceptual Control Theory. Every student and staff member is trained in the Responsible Thinking Process.