College Board and Annual Reports

​​​​​​​​​The St Peter Claver College Board meets regularly to work with the Principal in directing the mission and policies of the College community.

The current members of the College Board are:

  • Bruce McPhee
  • Todd Riggs
  • Angela Ryan
  • Gerard Kraatz
  • James Buchanan​​
  • Tracy Gaddes
  • Donna Caesar
  • Bridget Everding
  • David Duncalfe
  • Paul Siljac​​​




Boards of Catholic Education in Queensland have grown in number and quality since their inception in the late 1970s. They were established primarily as a response to requests by parents to be more active participants in Catholic schooling. Today they are available to each Catholic Education community in Queensland and provide a structure and process for genuine partnership in planning and decision making involving the key members of these communities. 

The Catholic School Board is based on a 'Pastoral Model' of service to the school community. Board membership is an invitation to share in the educational ministry of the Church in the context of Catholic education. The 'Pastoral Model' involves a 'power with' approach where focus is on supporting the leadership decision making of the College Principal. Board processes are not meant to be competitive, argumentative or forums for lobbying. Members bring a unique perspective based on their life journey where a sharing of wisdom can help in the discernment of future directions for the College. 

The St Peter Claver College Board was formed in 2004. 

Shared Wisdom

The Philosophy and Practice of Sharing Wisdom can be summarised as follows: 

“To each the Lord gives a piece of the wisdom.

To no one does God give all the wisdom.

We all get different pieces and, as a consequence,

We must share our wisdom.

We must hear, respect, and treasure one another's wisdom.

We must work for a climate that is open and respectful."


(C) McKinney Mary Benet Sharing Wisdom, Tabor Publishing, Valencia CA, 1987, p152.

Binding Principles

The National Catholic Education Commission has published a set of General and Binding Principles which are fundamental for the governance of Catholic schools. These Principles are of such importance that they have been included in full as part of the Responsibilities of the College Board in Article III of this Constitution. Briefly summarised they are:

  • The Love of Christ.
  • The role of parents.
  • Faithfulness to the mission of the Church.
  • Church solidarity.
  • Support for the common good.
  • Embracing the poor.
  • Educational quality.
  • Participation.
  • Inclusiveness.
  • Unity in diversity.
  • Stewardship of resources.
  • Rule of Canon Law.

Aims of the Board

As stated in the Catholic Education School Board Constitution the aims of the College Board are to: 

4.3      Promote Catholic education that

4.3.1   lives out the local Church's education mission;

4.3.2   strives for educational excellence; and

4.3.3   contributes to society.


Section 3 of the Constitution outlines the membership of the College Board as follows: 

The ex-officio positions on the Board are:

  • Spiritual Leader Member
  • Principal Member
  • Secondary College Administration Team Member

 The elected positions on the Board are:

  • Parent Members
  • Teacher Member/s


Annual Reports


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