Media is an engaging curriculum area at St Peter Claver College, but it also provides a number of exciting extra-curricular oppor​tunities. 

The Claver Film Club ​​operates once a week, and students who attend participate in workshops, develop and produce their own original projects, and showcase their own original work. Students have entered work into a number of festivals in the local region, and have also had work submitted for consideration into the Australian Teachers of Media Awards. 

The College runs an annual filmmaking competition, the Claver Creative 72 Hour Film Festival. In one frantic weekend, teams of students are ​challenged to create a film to meet a set of conditions they discover just before the competition begins. 

There are a plethora of other opportunities for students to be involved in Media – from acting as an event photographer, through to helping t​​o create film packets and packages for various interested parties across the College. We constantly bring to students’ attention competitions and festivals and invite and encourage their entry, making available time and resources to support these initiatives. Media is a thrilling and exciting area in the life of Claver.​ ​