CISSSA Summer Sport

As part of the Combined Ipswich Secondary School Sport Association (CISSSA) St Peter Claver sporting teams compete against both State and other Independent schools from the Ipswich region. These sports are split into Summer and Winter Seasons, and each sport is either played on a week day afternoon or a one day carnival (ODC).

The CISSSA Summer Season will kick off at the start of Week 5 (20/02/2012) and will go through into Term 2 (04/05/2012). At completion of the season any teams that win their respective grand finals will go through to the first rounds of the Metropolitan fixtures on the way to becoming the premier team in South East Queensland. The following teams are on offer to be nominated for this CISSSA summer season if they receive enough students and coach nominations.

Teams have been finalised at the CISSSA Meeting on Monday 6th Feb. Below is a table indicating the St Peter Claver College teams competing in the CISSSA summer sporting competition. Coaches will call a meeting with their teams to discuss details about the season ahead. Please don't hesitate to contact coaches via their email link in the table below if you have any question or concerns.

Students should listen for these meetings over the PA system and through the morning notices.

SPCC Summer Boys Teams
Sport Year Group Competition Day Coaches
Futsal Opens Wed Mr Dallas Murphy
Futsal Opens Wed Ms Amy Fatialofa
Futsal 10 Wed Mr Matthew Barradeen
Futsal 9 Mon Mr Greg Farrell
Futsal 8 Mon Mr Dallas Murphy
Futsal 8 Mon Ms Alia Brown
Volleyball Open Thur Mr Graham Meertens
Cricket 8 Thur Mr Chris Purcell
Baseball Open TBA (Organised between schools) Mr Matthew Barradeen
Touch Open Mon Mr Craig Harrison
Touch 10 Mon Ms Natalie Rosa
Touch 9 Wed Mr Gisa Parkau
Touch 8 Wed Mr Andre Michaels/ Mr Liam Lunney
Touch 8 Wed Mr Derek Kinchela
SPCC Summer Girls Teams
Sport Year Group Competition Day Coaches
Futsal Open Tue Mrs Dominika Bielinski
Futsal 9 Thurs Mr Greg Farrell
Basketball 8 Mon Mr Charlie Scott
Touch Open Mon Mrs Sharon Breieschke
Touch Open Mon Mr Ken Mayers
Touch 10 Mon Ms Saraya Jackson
Touch 8 Mon Mrs Sarrah Steffens
Touch 8 Wed Mr Brad Jarro
One Day Carnival 1: Thursday 26th of April 2012
One Day Carnival 2: Friday 27th of April 2012
Please listen to the notices, the PA system and watch the website for any meetings or changes in training and game day schedules.


81_Referee.jpgOpportunities are available for students to be officials for SPCC sporting teams in the CISSSA summer competition. You don’t need to be qualified, you just need to have played the game on a regular basis. There will be opportunity to be rewarded for your effort with:

  • Movie Tickets
  • City Beach Vouchers
  • iTunes Vouchers

Metropolitan Finals

The Metropolitan Finals begins after the completion of the CISSSA sporting season. Any team that wins their Grand Final in the CISSSA competition automatically qualifies for the Metropolitan competition if it is offered in that given sport. Teams from as far as Caboolture in the north, Beenleigh in the south, Cleveland in the east and Gatton in the west are eligible to play in this competition.