Metropolitan West/Representative


Met West trials are for students who would like ​to represent their given sport at a regional level.  The Met West region stretches from Gatton and Toogoolawah out west, Samford Valley in the north, Toowong and Sunnybank in the east and Boonah down south.  Generally in a secondary school setting the trials are offered for two age brackets, Under 15 and Under 19.  While students of other ages can nominate for the trials, they must understand that they are trialling against athletes of elevated ability.  Met West are extremely strict on trialling protocol, therefore students wishing to nominate for a trial need to have the appropriate paper work fully signed and complete, as well as the trial fee, on or before the trial date.  This paper work can be collected from Mr Barradeen at anytime, this process is completely up to the individual wishing to trial.

IMPORTANT: Once the paperwork has been signed and completed it is NOT handed back in to the school but taken with the student to the trial.

Funding R​equests

Any student who m​ade a Met West team has an avenue to acquire supporting funds through the Parents & Friends (P&F).  The P&F supports students who make a sporting team on any of three levels.  These are:

  • Regional (Met West team)
  • State (QLD team)
  • National (Australian team)

To apply for this funding support a letter of application must be sent to the President of the P&F, Mr Brian Smith.  The letter should include the reason for the application, the team which the student has been selected and any other pertinent details such as carnival date, location and costs.  This letter can be dropped at the front office in the administrative building at the College.

August ​​2012

  • 21 August - 19 Boys Cricket

Septem​ber 2012

  • Tues 6, Mon 10 & Tues 11 - 10yrs to 19 yrs. Track & Field
  • Fri 14 - 15 yrs. Girls Cricket