SPCC Sports Carnivals




2012 Cross Country

A big thanks to all of those involved in the organisation and the running of the new Claver 5K Cross Country. The day was a great day with a massive turn out and a lot of competitiveness as well as a lot of fun. It wasn't without it's hiccups though (being a inaugural year) and so the 14 Yrs. age group will be running a 5km course on Thursday 3/5/12 during their sport lesson to determine the outcome of the Age Champions. Also impressive was the large number of students who ticked 100% Donation on their fund raising forms, this shows that as a community we definitely have a charitable spirit.

Age Champions:

Boys Girls
13 Years Jayden Stanley 13 Years Makayla Wilson
14 Years TBA 14 Years TBA
15 Years Martin Antinov 15 Years Sophie Greenall
16 Years Brayden McCourt 16 Years Eden Jackat
Opens Tre Sheppard Opens Jessica Shaw

IID Trials:

The Ipswich Independent District trials are being held on Tuesday 1/5/12 at Limestone Park. St Peter Claver College is able to send 5 athletes for each age group and gender, so listen out to the notices for meeting times to sign up for this opportunity. 14 Yrs. students, although without result, may come and nominate if they feel they can be competitive at this level.


Because of the confined amount of space in which we are situated and a lack of accessibility, the old cross country course was a 3km course which was stretched out by a zigzag on the top and bottom ovals. Now because of the completion of the road works and the newly formed Brisbane Rd and path system, we are able to offer a second course that better prepares students for the distance run at the Ipswich Independent District cross country. The two courses are pictured below:

3K Walking Course - Participation points


5K Running Course - Age champion points



At St Peter Claver College we have always provided students with a path to develop holistically through academic, sporting, cultural and charitable avenues. This year we aim to bring all of those aspects of College life together through the Claver5K Cross Country. Students are asked to fundraise leading up to the Claver5K and then they donate these funds to a charity or cause of their own choosing. The charities and causes that students may donate to are listed below, as is a short blurb about the cause and what the money is contributing to:

  • Futsal Program
  • Musical Program
  • Netball Program
  • Caritas Australia
  • Sri Lankan Orphanage
  • Rugby League Program
  • St Vinnie's (Street Retreat)
  • CO2 Car Project

Of the money raised, 67% is donated to the cause/charity that the students choose and 33% is returned to the student in the form of either iTunes, City Beach or Movie Ticket vouchers. Alternatively students can opt to donate 100% of their funds raised to the cause/charity of their choice.

Students will be issued a fund raising card several weeks prior to the Claver5K on which they can record their donations and contributions. On the day of the Claver5K students will return these forms to their home class teacher, these will be used to calculate the funds raised. Upon completion of the Claver5K these forms will be stamped to indicate that the students have completed their agreed distance. Students will have 1 month after (20/5/12) the date of the carnival to return the funds raised to the cashiers office at the front of the school, where they will be issued with a receipt to verify the funds have been deposited.

We hope that students will be supported in fundraising for causes that directly influence their development.

2012 Swimming Carnival

The year is young, and as usual the SPCC Swimming Carnival has come around quickly. Students will be competing in their pastoral house groups in the four disciplines of swimming to achieve maximum points and help their house to the carnival trophy. The carnival is being held on Friday 17th February at Bundamba Swimming Pool; students should arrive at 8:30am as the day will commence at 9:00am sharp. Students who do not catch school buses are asked to make their own way to the pool, while students who catch school buses will be taken directly to the pool. Students who can only be dropped off and picked up from school should complete the form below. In the afternoon students can be collected by their parent/guardians at the front gate of the pool complex at 2:30pm, while normal school bus runs will pick students up from the pool. To ensure all students maximise their experience they are asked to bring:

  • Wear a shirt that covers their shoulders at all times (School sports shirt or plain house colours only)
  • Sunscreen (although extra sunscreen will be provided by the school)
  • Hat
  • Water bottle

Students will be bringing home a notice this week that has further details about the running of the day. Please encourage your child to get in and participate because they only get out of life what they put in. It’s a great experience and I’m sure we will have a very successful carnival one the day.

The carnival will be competed between the four pastoral houses. Students will nominate for races at school prior to the carnival and will compete in those events on the day. Events include:

  • 50m Freestyle
  • 50m Breaststroke
  • 50m Backstroke
  • 50m Butterfly
  • 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay

All participation earns points for Houses which accumulates over the day to give an overall champion House. Students wishing to go for age champion should nominate to swim in all of the Division 1 races as these accrue more points then the lower divisions.

Boys Girls
13 Years Caleb Tucker-Finch 13 Years Cheyanne Cooper & Jamie-Lee Simpfendorfer
14 Years Corey Langer 14 Years Chloe Knaggs
15 Years Jayden Tye 15 Years Sophie Greenall
16 Years Liam Massey 16 Years Natasha Jolly
Opens Lewis Gettons & Nathan Pedley Opens Tanita Wilson

 IMPORTANT: Please note that nominations for District trials are needed before the date of the SPCC carnival. Please see the 'Representative Sport' section of this website.

2012 Athletics Carnival

The athletics carnival is being held on the Friday 3rd August 2012 at Limestone Park from 9am to 2.30pm. This year has a little twist for house points. There are the obvious points available for the events taking place however this year there are points for the following:

  • Every 100 students in a certain house win 50 points. E.g. 200 students 100 points etc.
  • Best dressed house (correct uniform/fancy dress) win 50 points
  • Claver ‘Chant’ Challenge win 50 points
  • Mystery Shopper views each house area 3 times in the day on cleanliness, winner gets 50 points.

This year we are strongly encouraging all students to be a part of this fantastic day. So help us with this challenge and let’s see all of the Claver community together celebrating an Olympic year.

If there are any weather issues on the day, then school will run as normal and all parents or guardians will be notified via text message at 7.15am the morning of carnival day.

Support your children, community and enjoy a great day at Limestone Park at St Peter Clavers annual Athletics Carnival.

Boys Girls
13 Years TBA 13 Years TBA
14 Years TBA 14 Years TBA
15 Years TBA 15 Years TBA
16 Years TBA 16 Years TBA
Opens TBA Opens TBA
For information about transition from school sports carnival to representative teams please see the 'Representative Sport' section of this website.