Southern Skies Football Tournament


A MASSIVE congratulations to our Claver Open Boys and Girls football teams who competed in the Southern Skies Football tournament over during June/July holidays.

Both Claver teams were very successful at the Tournament in making the grand final.

Unfortunately the Open girls lost their Grand Final 2-0 to Rangi Ruru from New Zealand.  The Open girls played extremely well throughout the tournament with their performances and results getting better as the week went on.  Each day the girls identified aspects of how they could improve on and how they were able to focus on these things in subsequent games.  The girls improved individually and also as a team, and their results were a testament to the patience they showed in sticking to the team philosophy and the small improvements they were able to make after each game.

The Open boys were victorious in defeating John Paul College in their grand final.  They all played extremely well with the game being 1-1 at full time.  The boys then went on to play 10 minutes of extra time which then sent them into a penalty shootout.   Claver won the penalty shoot-out 4-3.  The atmosphere at the game was very tense with every school who competed during the week was watching the final.  Congratulations boys!

Also congratulations to Kristi New and Christopher Scott for being selected as players of the tournament for SPCC.