Principal Message

Niall Headshot.JPGAt St Peter Claver College we seek to follow a Marist Tradition fashioned from the life, work and dreams of St Marcellin Champagnat.

Very briefly, Marcellin was a Catholic priest in France and was born in the year of the French Revolution, 1789. He was not an exceptional scholar but his heart was exceptional, as was his imagination, because his whole life was dedicated to promoting liberty, equality and close relationship with each other and with our God.

​These personal traits of Marcellin reflect the motto of the French Revolution, “Liberté égalité fraternité" to which the Champagnat​ family were deeply dedicated. This is also appropriate to us because we, as Christians, are revolutionaries as we proclaim the new day and the freedom of all captives regardless of whether the bonds of slavery are actual or imposed by the self.

What I am leading up to here, is that one of the Marist principles was based on loving relationships in family. The metaphor here is that there will “always be a place at the table", and that we are called “to love the children, and to love them all equally".

Therefore, in proclaiming the virtues of our College may I say that all we do is predicated upon the belief of the sacredness of all as expressed in the radical love from our faith tradition and story. By coming to our table families complete us, and we are enhanced by the trust and relationship that come given and shared.

In 2016, the Year 12 results, while not being the whole story or focus, do reassure students and families that the range of possibilities at the College are broad and inclusive.

98% of Year 12 students achieved graduating certificates in either academic or vocational fields, were fully employed, or were continuing with apprenticeships and diploma courses begun at school. The students not in these categories are continuing to pursue options and pathways in their lives affected by extenuating circumstances and we hold them close to our hearts. 40% of students received an OP 10 or better. 88% of students who applied for tertiary course were successful in receiving an offer. Many students have secured apprenticeships across a variety of trades, and others are gainfully employed in new career pathways.

These are exceptionally good results and it assures our community that given the dedication, self-belief, and commitment to do well, our students will achieve very well by any measure. Added to this is the generosity of the staff in committing to the total development of each young person within a framework of care, love and expectation that is clear and demanding of a genuine response full of integrity and moral clarity by the students.

Finally, may I say that I am excited by our “new ways" of doing things. We now have completely vertical Home Classes that are being run and developed by our senior students as they get to know and care for the students coming up through the school. Much of this will be achieved through our Mission and Ministry Outreach Team and the Home Class Teachers and the students themselves under the leadership and example of our young men and women in Year 12.

The Pastoral Care in the College will be horizontal in Year Levels with a Pastoral Leader and team of teachers assigned to each Year Level. This will enable us to have particular and appropriate care of our students as they develop year by year. In many instances, the Pastoral Leader will move with them as they go on to Year 10 in the Middle Years or to Year 12 in the Senior Years so that there is a three-year mutual relationship.

The intertwining of the vertical Home Classes and the horizontal Pastoral Year Levels should provide the very best of care and growth opportunities to everyone. That is the theory anyway and it is going well so far!

In 2017 we launched our Master Plan for the development of the College facilities. Key areas of development include Student Amenities and Canteen, A Learning Commons and Coffee Shop, an Arts Village for the Performing Arts, a new Industrial Design and Technology centre, and a new Science and Technology Centre to name the most prominent features.

These facilities will house our students and staff who are engaged in modern educational encounters that are focused through our Learning and Teaching Framework that is centred on genuine education and active learning for creative outcomes.

Welcome again to our website. Should you have any questions, wish to visit the campus or make enrolment enquiries, please contact us at or give me a call on 07 3810 5900.​​