StPeterClaver-97-0270.jpgAt St Peter Claver College we are privileged​​ to enjoy a harmonious relationship between students from all cultural backgrounds. There is an incredibly diverse student body here at Claver, including students and staff who are Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Samoan, Tongan, Maori and Cook Islander, as well ​as Vietnamese, Ugandan, Sudanese, Indian, Chinese, Filipino and many others. 

It is this feeling​ of harmony that sets St Peter Claver College apart from many other Colleges. There is a genuine respect for one another and an acceptance of each other’s differences.

To support this, our College has a number of staff dedicated to promoting Culture and Identity at Claver. T​he Cultural Department work predominantly with our Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Pacific Islander students, and is working towards working with students from other cultural backgrounds as well.  The Department staff work very closely with individual students and recognise that encouraging them culturally can help in all aspects of education. Claver also offers Cultural Dance as an important aspect of College life.