Marist Spiritual Theme

​​​​Marist Spiritual Theme 2021​

Breathe: The Spirit of Life

Each new year we are guided by the wisdom that springs from our spiritual theme. We share this same theme with Marist Schools across Australia.

It has become a tradition at St Peter Claver College that each year this theme is brought to life through artistic expression. The artwork is a collaboration of staff and student creativity. This year Breathe: The Spirit of Life has been created by Ms Michaela Smerdon and Year 10 student Annabella Ramsden.

​Anthony Clarke, Director of Marist Mission and Life Formation explains the theme in this way:

“In this moment of history, we could not be more aware of how connected we are. An unknown virus spread from a largely unheard of city to affect every human being on the planet. Pope Francis has been repeatedly reminding us that everything is connected (Laudato Si). I think we can say this realisation is now evident.

Perhaps nothing connects us more intimately than our breath. All mammalian life depends upon it and the exchange we have with our breathing green planet. With the average person taking an average of 20,000 breaths each day this subconscious activity can be easy to forget – until we can't do it anymore. Then it becomes a symbol of life itself. There are some powerful images in Scripture capturing this image of breath as the source of life. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit who gives life. It unites, connects and pervades all that is: 'The Spirit of life dwells in every human creature and calls us into a relationship with the Divine' (Laudato Si, 88). Richard Rohr describes the profound intimacy of our breath and the Holy. To breathe is to experience the Divine … the Ruah of God. We are challenged to take up Pope Francis' invitation to become more consciously guardians of creation, as well as our brothers and sisters in humanity."