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Inclusive Education

All Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Brisbane are committed to Inclusive Education and strategic renewal principles and practices that assist students with particular support needs within a whole school curriculum.

The principles of Inclusive Education provide the flexibility to respond to the particular needs of students as required at any given time through a range of effective educational programs based upon:

  • The diverse needs of students.
  • The centrality of the classroom teacher as the coordinator of students’ teaching and learning needs.
  • A knowledge of teaching and learning principles and practices that enable students to access the curriculum.
  • Authentic consultation with teachers, students, parents and relevant others about the impact of the student’s ability to access the curriculum.
  • An understanding of the organisational structures and processes required to engage students in learning.

St Peter Claver has an Inclusive Education team that includes a Coordinator, Learning Support Teachers, and Guidance Counsellors. Each professional has key partnership and case management responsibilities. Their roles determine support for teachers, parents, consultants and other professionals by fostering a culture that enhances educational outcomes for all students.

Effective educational programs and services currently in place include:

  • Transition programs for all new students and school leavers
  • Literacy and Numeracy classes across all year levels
  • A school- based Speech Pathologist
  • Literacy Intervention programs
  • Advisory Visiting Teachers from BCE
  • A mentoring program for students in senior school
  • Work placement programs for students exiting the campus
  • School Officers deployed to assist in the classroom
  • Ongoing professional development for all staff
  • Assessment for Speech Language and Intellectual Analysis
  • Profiling of students who require support
  • Counselling
  • Career advice and support
  • School-Based Apprenticeships
  • Assessment and reporting for students with disabilities.