About Our College


St Peter Claver College has an outstanding reputation in the local community.  Students are offered a dynamic and inclusive curriculum with proven success in academic, sporting and extra-curricular opportunities. There is a strong emphasis on justice and service, especially towards the more marginalised groups in the Ipswich community.  This Catholic understanding draws on its Marist, Mercy and Jesuit charisms. 

​The College has a rich cultural settin​g as it draws its students from a variety of backgrounds. A carefully considered Master Plan has resulted in the construction of excellent learning facilities for a growing College community.    

​There is a vibrant learning culture evident at the College. This culture is led by a committed and creative College Leadership Team and is supported by a stable, talented and caring staff. There has been significant thought given to the nature of the College's middle leadership team so that the most positive academic and pastoral outcomes are sought for all students. The existence of such a professional staff has enabled the College to respond to the needs of students, with customised pathways and curriculum offerings.

​​Our College motto, Concern, Love, Justice, provides us with a lens to explore and examine how we meet the learning needs of our students. 

As part of its response to the needs of students, the College has adopted a whole school approach, arising from the vision and mission of the College and to extending the student behaviour support practices underpinned by the Responsible Thinking Process.  

​​St Peter Claver College is a Catholic school dedicated to working in partnership with families to enable all students to experience success in their learning.​